Black Desert Online’s Wizard and Witch Classes Gets their Awakening Today; New Trailers Released

on December 21, 2016 1:13 PM

Black Desert Online‘s Western publisher Kakao Games announced today that the last pair to Awaken for the game on Western servers will be the Wizard and Witch classes.

Each classes’ weapons, the Aad Sphera and the Godr Sphera, respectively, will be available to use now not only to channel the elements for powerful offensive spells, but to summon powerful aids in battle, too.

Specifically, the Wizard can now summon Keeper Marg and Keeper Arne, fire and water elementals, whereas the Witch can find friends in Keeper Tett and Keeper Gorr, which are lightning and earth elementals. The Witch has the added bonus of being able to produce a stone wall spell, providing an extra layer of defense on the battlefield.

Starting today, players will also be able to create a younger looking Wizard and several in-game events will be taking place to celebrate the Awakening of all character classes.

A new region called Kamasilve is set to arrive to Black Desert Online on Korean servers starting in early 2017. These native servers recently updated to add a new Dark Knight class, previously known as dark elf, with footage appearing online giving western players a glimpse on things to come.

Videos accompanying today’s announcement can be found below:

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