Black Desert Online Screenshots/Art Reveal Dark Elf Class, New Kamasilve Expansion, T9 Horse and More

Black Desert Online Screenshots/Art Reveal Dark Elf Class, New Kamasilve Expansion, T9 Horse and More

Black Desert Online has a massive open world that keeps expanding. The Korean servers recently received the Margoria expansion, that add a giant ocean and a trade port to the north of the original continent (with the content set to come soon in the west as well), and in early 2017, they’re getting a brand new land area at to the south-west, named Kamasilve. It’s the land of the elves.

So far, we had seen only artwork of the Kamasilve expansion, but the Japanese publisher Game On hosted a livestream (which you can see at the bottom of the post) introducing the first screenshots, more artwork and renders, with some information provided live by Lead Producer Jae Hee Kim.

First of all, we learn that, like the Valencia expansion, Kamasilve will be delivered in three parts. The first includes the beautiful land of the elves, that is locked in a struggle between two elven tribes, the Ganel (your usual high elves) and the Bedir, the dark elves. Part II of the expansion will show the conflict from the point of view of the Ganel, while Part III will showcase the point of view of the Bedir.

We get to see the first models for the new Dark Elf class (I know it’s actually a race, but in BDO terms it’s technically a class) and the first of three Tier 9 horses, the Unicorn, which will come with regenerative skills. There are also two more T9 horses planned, a Nightmare and a Pegasus, but no new image was shown for them.

The dark elf class will fight with a greatsword, but without losing speed and agility, combining melee fighting with long-range magical attacks, all topped by flashy animations. At the moment it’s unknown whether the dark elf class and T9 horses will be released with Part I of the expansion or afterwards.

Speaking of the land itself, we saw the first four screenshots, and four more pieces of artwork, and you can enjoy everything in the gallery below. If you’re curious, you can also read more in our recent interview with the development team.

On top of the reveal on Kamasilve, we also get to see another special reveal, in the form of an absolutely gigantic sea monster that utterly dwarfs playable ships. You can see some artwork and a size comparisopn below. No time frame was given on the implentation of the monster even in Korea, as the volume of work required is very large.

As an additional bonus, quite a lot of screenshots and art pieces for the upcoming Margoria expansion were showcased. You can check those out below (and if you want a laugh, you can enjoy some hilarious commercials here).

In the west, Black Desert just received the Musa and Maehwa awakenings, and we’ll probably have to wait a few months before hearing a time line for the implementation of Kamasilve. In the meanwhile developer Pearl Abyss announced recently a tech partnership with the Japanese developer Silicon Studio to improve the game’s already gorgeous graphics further.