Black Myth: Wukong Developer Responds to Popularity of First Trailer

Game Science founder Feng Ji responds to the outpouring of support for his studio's recently revealed project, Black Myth: Wukong.

August 22, 2020

Just yesterday Chinese gaming studio Game Science wowed the world with a debut 13 minute long trailer for Black Myth: Wukong. The title is a third-person action RPG featuring some of the most impressive graphics we’ve seen this generation. Feng Ji, Game Science founder, took to Weibo to respond to the huge surge of popularity in both the game and studio as a result.

Resetera user Nightengale translated some of the message, which the major points posted below (along with their side notes):

  • He wanted to expand the development team and recruit more people.
  • But wasn’t able to or struggled at achieving that (I think.)
  • He just wanted to record an honest trailer for purpose of recruitment and didn’t expect to be praised as an industry savior
  • 13 minutes of B1 ( I dunno what B1 means – B-roll? )
  • There are a lot of patchwork and rough aspects on what was shared of the trailer
  • He then talks about areas of the game that in his view, were still in poor shape
  • something in regards to the animation of small bodies?
  • something in regards to how they made the sculpt/mold of the golden cicada?
  • how the body of water in the trailer completely lacked any fluid physics/any feedback
  • the poor sound depth/implementation
  • how the framerate during the 1,000 enemy musou sequence tanked so bad it gave them PTSD (not sure if the PTSD referred to the devs or not)
  • hmm, something about how the fur implementation was still poor compared to hairless skin (I think?)
  • He knows many people are currently in a depressed state and he’s happy to provide some comfort
  • The team is happy that the response to the reveal has been explosive, but they aren’t letting it get to their heads.
  • Please forget what we have shown as of this time ( p.s. context – it’s more of a statement of modesty and how they don’t feel like it’s necessarily representative of their best work, they also want to do better )
  • We will hide again after this to slowly continue, continue, continue working on the game.

Chinese game developers have been making exceptional strides in gaming development these last few years as the market . Currently, there are a bunch of anticipated games under development at Chinese studios, including Boundary, Bright Memory: Infinite, and of course the recently announced Black Myth: Wukong. One major similarity between all those projects is their undeniably incredible, next-gen looking graphics.

Watch the trailer below again if you missed it the first time around:

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