Black Myth: WuKong Gets a Brief Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Black Myth: WuKong Gets a Brief Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Game Science teases a new upcoming gameplay footage from Black Myth: Wukong.

After a huge, heartwarming reception of the fans from the very first gameplay footage of Black Myth: WuKong, now the developer teases another upcoming footage, showing off the game’s combat system.

The new teaser trailer shows off a few seconds of a fight against hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the game. As the teaser reveals, you will be able to perform some special moves and attacks in the game. The interesting part for me is the camera movement during the player’s heavy attacks that helps him to have a full view of soldiers surrounding him, similar to an isometric game. Apparently, the full version of this new gameplay footage will be shared soon.

Black Myth: WuKong is a new project from Game Science Studios, a Chinese indie developer, based on the legendary novel of Journey to the West, which is an outstanding saga in China. Playing as a warrior monkey, you will explore a fantasy world in Black Myth: WuKong, facing various enemies and making significant progress throughout your dangerous journey.

The very first trailer gameplay trailer of the game that was shared out of the blue recently, brought tons of attention to Black Myth and its developers regarding the game’s spectacular next-gen visuals in its pre-alpha build. Graphics aside, the game seems to feature a deep combat system that might be a great fit for Souls-Borne enthusiasts.

As revealed by the developers, there are over 70 unique skills in the game that you can achieve throughout your experience, and each one of them will aid in a different way to overcome the difficulties of a brutal world.

Black Myth: WuKong is set to be released for PC and consoles. There’s no exact release window for the game yet, but it’s definitely going to be one the best-looking titles of the next generation.