Black Ops Cold War May Receive Slums & Plaza Remasters According To Leaker

Slums and Plaza may be receiving remaster for Season 5 and 6 of Cold War

By Kyle Knight

July 5, 2021

We all love nostalgia, and Activision knows it. That’s why Call of Duty fans often receive map remasters from older titles with each new season of Cold War. So it should come as no surprise that a reliable leaker, CallofDutyHope, has revealed Slums and Plaza may be receiving remasters in Cold War.

Considering Cold War is a sequel to the original Black Ops, fans are rightly confused as to why Treyarch is remastering so many maps from Black Ops 2.

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Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

Black Ops 2 – Slums & Plaza

Black Ops 2 is a Call of Duty title by Treyarch Studios, originally released in 2012. It is often deemed by fans as one of the greatest Call of Duty titles, so remastering maps from the popular shooter is a no brainer.

Slums is a 6v6 Multiplayer map set in Panama in the 1980s. Like many Black Ops 2 maps, the layout is designed with a 3 lane system. One side of the map presents a more long-range, sniper friendly lane. Whilst the opposite side is denser and better for close-quarter combat. It was also remastered for Black Ops 4, check out images of the original map below.

As for Plaza, it’s a much darker map set in a shopping mall complex on Colossus. The map is slightly more complex than Slums, but does still offer a standard 3 lane system. It is also nearly symmetrical in both spawn points. Many of the buildings allow players to enter or climb onto the roof to snipe people at distance.

It has never received a remaster, so should the rumours be true, this will be Plaza’s first remaster. Check out images of the map below.

Black Ops Cold War – More Remasters Inbound?

According to Call of Duty leaker, CallofDutyHope, Plaza and Slums will be the next classic maps to receive the remaster treatment.

The leaker isn’t certain if these remasters will arrive in Season 5 or 6 of Cold War, but does state that it’s possible other classic Call of Duty maps are also going to be remastered. In a follow-up tweet, he states that:

“Summit is part of Weather Station which is most likely going to be an Outbreak map & it’s literally a BO4 port but Yamantau is way too similar imo to warrant Summit being a 6v6 map. Firing Range and Jungle ARE possible for S5/S6 as there is two spots left but I didn’t hear that.”

However, a fellow Call of Duty leaker, TheMW2Ghost, claims that Yemen and/or Plaza will be arriving in Season 5 of Cold War. Both leakers are reliable sources and have been correct surrounding Call of Duty leaks in the past, but it appears we have some slightly contradicting results with this one.

Both appear to agree on a Plaza remaster for Cold War, but it appears the second remastered map is slightly up in the air. Either way, fans can almost certainly expect some form of a remastered map in the next season of Cold War. But as always, remember to take leaks with a grain of salt. Nothing is official until it comes from the Call of Duty team themselves.

When Is Cold War Season 5?

The next season of Cold War and Warzone is expected to kick off around August 10th, as this is the date that the current Battle Pass expires. However, no official date has been released by Activision, Raven Software, or Treyarch Studios just yet.

Would you like to see Cold War receive Slums and Plaza remakes in Season 5? Let us know!

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