Black Ops Getting Double XP This Weekend, Unlocks a Prestige Token in Modern Warfare 3

Hey guys, I know all these fancy new games are either out or on the way, but remember Black Ops? Yeah that’s still out. This weekend will be yet another Double XP weekend for the game and probably the last time you’ll see this before Modern Warfare 3 launches. In fact, this weekend XP bonus comes with another perk: a Prestige Token for Modern Warfare 3.

Prestige Tokens are awarded with each Prestige (duh) you take in MW3 and unlock stuff like double XP for a limited time, extra class slots and the ability to permanently unlock a weapon which will be available forever in the game from that point. Players will be awarded Prestige Tokens on day one for each prestige they’ve gained in previous Call of Duty games back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

It looks like those prestiges are finally going to matter some. Those of you who always stayed at the first level are going to be at a slight disadvantage. Thoughts?

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John Colaw

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