Black Ops is Top Selling Game in the Land of the Rising Sun

By Alix Minjarez

November 27, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PlayStation 3 is currently the king of the charts in Japan from what 4Gamer is showing on the weekly Media Create figures. With 128,922 copies sold on the PS3 and 30,279 sold on the Xbox 360 (which ranked number seven on the charts), Black Ops has sold around 159,201 copies all together. That means it pretty much stomped all of its contenders, as you can see in this little chart:

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) – 128,922
  2. Super Fossil Fighters (DS) – 42,829
  3. Pokemon Black/Pokemon White (DS) – 39,883
  4. Super Mario All-Stars (Wii) – 38,219
  5. Tactics Ogre (PSP) – 37,350
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PSP) – 35,500
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops (360) – 30,279
  8. Tongari boushi to maho no omise (DS) – 24,918
  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PS3) – 22,383
  10. Record of Agarest War 2 (PSP) – 20,889

On another note, with Call of Duty‘s success for the 360 makes it the only Xbox game, even with Kinect’s release, to break the top twenty list. None of the Kinect games were able to sell more than 8,000 copies, with DanceMasters taking the top at number twenty four.

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