Get a Nuketown History Lesson in Treyarch’s New DECLASSIFIED Series

Get a Nuketown History Lesson in Treyarch’s New DECLASSIFIED Series

Treyarch has released a brand new video celebrating the history of arguably their most famous Black Ops series map: Nuketown

Ever since Call of Duty: Black Ops released on last-gen consoles in 2010, there’s been one map included with every iteration of the series: Nuketown. Now, to celebrate the iconic map, the developer has dedicated the first entry of their new online series, DECLASSIFIED, to the history of that very same map.

While not spoiling the video, the first episode of the series goes into what it was like making each iteration of the map, as well as giving a couple of cool hints about some different designs that came about throughout the years, all featuring Adam Hoggatt, the original creator of Nuketown. As always, you can check out the video at the end of the article.

While the map has been made available for (pretty much) free in every iteration, the only version that came standard with the game is the original version. Ever since then, they’ve all been a part of pre-order bonuses or free updates.

You can check out the latest version of the map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which you can pick up from Amazon by clicking here.

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