Sony Opens The Door To Special Editions With Midnight Black & Cosmic Red PS5 Controllers


Are you Team Cosmic Red or Team Midnight Black?

Ever since the days of the PlayStation 2, I’ve opted for the black version of Sony’s consoles. With the launch of the PlayStation 5, I had no choice but to change my ways as the next-gen console was only available in white. But now it looks like we could be on the verge of an all-black PlayStation 5 after Sony recently announced the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 Controllers.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Sony is going to release a matching Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 to match, but it’s opened the door for endless customisation possibilities.

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DualSense Cosmic Red & Midnight Black Reveal Trailer

DualSense Cosmic Red & Midnight Black Reveal Trailer

Cosmic Red & Midnight Black DualSense Controllers

In case you missed the announcement, check out the absolutely gorgeous Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 Controllers in the official reveal video above.

The new designs are set to hit shelves from June 18 depending on your location.

The Midnight Black PS5 Controller features two subtly different shades of black with minor light grey detailing. Whilst the Cosmic Red Controller offers a striking shade of red with matching buttons and a classic black accent.

Just when you think the groundbreaking DualSense Controller couldn’t get any better, Sony knocks it out of the park with these stunning colours. Make sure you check out some up-close images of the new controllers below.

PlayStation 5 Custom Side Panels

With Sony officially delving into various colour palettes for the DualSense controller, it shows they’re not afraid to be a bit out there with their latest console. So, what does it mean for the future?

When the PlayStation 5 breakdown video by Sony hit the internet before the console launched, fans saw instant potential in the removable side panels that are on the PlayStation 5.

The already unique design of the PlayStation 5 could be taken to a whole other level should different designs be made available for the side panels.

Although there’s no confirmation, we believe it’s likely that Sony could release Midnight Black side panels for the PlayStation 5 in the future. Especially considering they fought so hard to stop custom made panels from being sold online.

It’s clear there’s a demand for custom side panels for the PlayStation 5, why not give us what we want Sony? We don’t even need to stop at solid colours, give us panels featuring designs of our favourite Sony games like Days Gone or Ratchet & Clank.

Fans have already taken it upon themselves to design some beautiful custom PlayStation 5 consoles inspired by The Last Of Us, I find it hard to believe Sony couldn’t give us some simple side panels and make a killing off of it too.

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