Black Rock Shooter Special Edition Box and Figure May Come West

on September 28, 2011 9:00 AM

I’m really digging the special editions of Japanese games being released in the west lately, especially by NIS America. The one that is in question now is Black Rock Shooter. To give you a little background, when this game released in Japan it was given a nice special edition that included a figurine. Fans of the anime and, by¬†extension, the game and especially figurine collectors, were told that it was never coming to North America. The boxed set was quite expensive up front, but took on an almost legendary status due to how much the price increased when the limited edition copies were sold out. Now, it’s quite possible things will change.

It seems that NIS America has the ability to bring the awesome bundle you see above over to the West when it releases the PSP title here. The question is – will you buy it? It will be a bit pricey, although no price was given yet. If it does come over, it will come with the figurine, art book and soundtrack CD, although will lack a Japan-only track which will miss out on the localized version.

To me, this seems like a really cool special edition that I would actually highly consider pre-ordering. If you feel the same, Siliconera is holding a poll from now until October 2nd to showcase which direction fans are leaning. NIS America is watching, so it could quite possibly be the power of fan votes that push them over the edge and allow this sweet collector’s edition to show up on American soil.

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