Black Rock Shooter: The Game Rocks The PSN Next Week

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Rocks The PSN Next Week

Nippon Ichi Software America have just announced–via the Playstation Blog–that they’re bringing their action RPG Black Rock Shooter: The Game to America for the first time, available next week on the PSP and PS Vita.

NISA’s new dood Chris King detailed the history of Black Rock Shooter, which began as an illustration by renowned artist Ryoheo “Huke” Fuke, inspired a popular Black Rock Shooter song voiced by the popular singing synthesizer software Hatsune Miku, which led to an original video animation, which led to an eight-episode anime series. Finally, it was turned into a video game.

The PSP game, which has been out in Japan since August 2011, is set in the year 2032 AD, with Earth mercilessly attacked by alien forces and enduring 19 years of nonstop battle. With humanity coming to grips with extinction, it’s up to Black Rock Shooter–the ultimate battle android–to save the Earth. As players explore the ruins of civilization, they’ll come across enemies that they need to destroy and evade. Players will need to time and conserve their power to avoid overheating, and can find sidequests and minigames to extend their playthrough.

Check out the trailer and screenshots (courtesy of AllGamesBeta) below to get a better look at the game. All this franchise needs is a manga, a console video game and a live action movie to complete the multimedia circuit. Who would have thought one picture could lead to this?

I better sharpen my pencils and get to work.