TinyBuild Announces Top-Down Airship RPG Black Skylands for 2020

Black Skylands was announced by publisher tinyBuild today at PAX West. The top-down action RPG is coming in late 2020.

TinyBuild took to PAX this week to announce several upcoming projects. One of the more intriguing ones is Black Skylands from Hungry Couch Games. The game is a top-down, action RPG and includes some cool-looking airship combat. Black Skylands is still more than a year away, but this early trailer has me very interested. Give it a watch below.

Black Skylands is set on an Earth that is made up of thousands of floating islands. You play as an airship captain who is trying to reach the titular Skylands to find peace and prosperity. You’ll fight on both land and air using over 25 different weapons. You can further customize with different bullet types, special abilities, and player and ship upgrades. It looks like it will be a very deep RPG system with tons of options for experimentation.

The open world is made up of 50 different islands with numerous different biomes. It seems like an ambitious project and I’m hopeful Hungry Couch can meet its lofty goals. If they’re able to, this game definitely appears to have quite a bit of potential. I really dig the art style. I’ve seen it compared to a top-down, pixel art Bioshock Infinite, which seems apt. This is a game I’ll be keeping my eye on as we move into 2020.

Black Skylands is currently scheduled for a Q4 2020 release. Obviously, that’s a long time away, so don’t be surprised if the date changes between then and now. Stay with DualShockers for all the news coming out of PAX West this weekend.

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