Black Tusk “Teases” First Gears of War Xbox One Concept Art; Will Stick to Canon “As Best As Possible”

on May 15, 2014 8:17 PM

During a livestream on Twitch, Black Tusk Studio Manager Rod Fergusson “teased” the first concept art piece for the upcoming Gears of War for Xbox One.

Unfortunately the artwork was completely blurred out, and we don’t even really know if it was real or just a full blown joke, but you can still check it out and see if you can make something out from these splotches of color. It definitely seems like environmental artwork, at least in my eyes.


In addition to that, we also learn that the game is in the very early concept/prototyping phase and that now that Microsoft owns the IP, Black Tusk feels like they can finally expand the franchise.

According to Fergusson, Multiplayer will be about intensity, responsibility and accountability and Black Tusk will stick to the canon “as best as they can,” but if they get in a situation in which they have to choose between what’s really fun and the canon included in a book or comic book, they’re probably going to stick to the fun decision.

That said, Fergusson also mentioned that they’re probably not going to invalidate the canon of any of the actual games.

He concluded the broadcast saying that he cares deeply about the franchise and he wants to bring it back to its former glory, apologizing because he can’t reveal too much just yet.

I’m just grateful to have a community like Gears‘. […] There’ just nobody like you guys

According to Fergusson the passion of the community is both humbling and fuel for the studio, driving them to do the “best Gears we can.”

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