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Black Widow #8 Release Date, Where to Read and Yelena Belova's Future

By Jo Craig

June 28, 2021

Kelly Thompson’s Black Widow series is due to release its eighth issue this month, but what’s in store for Natasha, Yelena and the Widows?

The 28-page issue marks the continuation of Natasha Romanoff’s new mission in part 2 of ‘I am Black Widow’, penciled by Elena Casagrande.

The ruthless assassin is leaning into her spider alter-ego by continuing her broad web of ‘spy-ders’ in this new series, and fans are also keen to see what’s in store for Yelena Belova.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

Black Widow #8 Plot

In this issue, the Black Widow hunts for information about Apogee and the Olio – the masked villain of the series and the elusive growing threat.

New character Lucy Nguyen has been continuing her training with Yelena, but is she ready to step up to the plate? Nguyen was first introduced in issue #6, illustrated by Rafael de Latorre.

Meanwhile, spy-der operative Anya Corazon is continuing inside infiltration with danger fast approaching.

Black Widow #8 Release Date and Where to Read

  • Black Widow #8 will release on June 30, 2021, both in store and on digital storefronts.

The US has a wide variety of comic book stores in each state and your local retailer should be contacted ahead of time to see if new releases are stocked.

The UK has more limited options for in-store purchases. Forbidden Planet is relatively consistent in stocking new releases both online and in-store, but other outlets in your city should also be contacted ahead of time. 

Digital Storefront offers digital issues on the day of release. The website also offers a helpful postcode search to locate the nearest store that stocks the issue at hand.

ComiXology by Amazon is also a good website to use for purchasing and pre-ordering issues.

The Future of Yelena Belova

Spoilers Ahead

Not only is Yelena Belova getting her first live-action appearance, starring in the upcoming Black Widow film played by Florence Pugh, but she’s also got an exciting adventure ahead in Thompson’s comic series.

Belova joined the series in Black Widow #5 to accompany Romanoff in her latest mission, as Thompson felt that Black Widow needed some company.

The length of time that Belova will stick around in this series is debatable, with new character Lucy Nguyen stirring a new dynamic between the two characters which could cause tension.

Pugh’s portrayal of Belova in the MCU will also continue in the Disney + miniseries Hawkeye, meaning we’ll see a lot more of the feisty, blonde assassin in the near future.

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