This Black Widow Cosplayer is a Scarlett Johansson Doppelgänger

The resemblance is more uncanny than the X-Men.

By Jo Craig

July 21, 2021

Cosplayers usually resemble the character they are portraying quite accurately, once all their accessories have been applied, but this Black Widow cosplayer is a Scarlett Johansson double.

The Avengers are popular go-to cosplay characters for Comic Con events, and there are plenty of designers who perfect each outfit down to the last detail. While the costume and weapons stand independently as impressive creations, it always helps to sell the character if you look like them too.

Launch | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

Launch | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

Meet the Cosplayer

Cosplayer and TikTok user kate_johansson, real name Kate Shumskaya, has gathered a jaw-dropping 5.7 million followers on the social media app. The 24-year-old Russian performer frequently posts videos of her doing daily activities dressed as Natasha Romanoff, which makes the experience of Black Widow eating sushi all the more real. Shumskaya has cosplayed other characters portrayed by Johansson, including Major from Ghost in the Shell.

Shumskaya also attended a Black Widow screening at her local cinema, and performed a TikTok trend in front of one of the promotional posters. The cosplayer has also teamed up with a Yelena Belova cosplayer to perform in a video, and she frequently changes into Black Widow outfits from across the MCU timeline.

TikTok Avengers

Shumskaya is not the only look-a-like Avenger on TikTok however, but she is part of a growing trend where the TikTok Avengers have assembled.

The trend began when Shumskaya recorded a TikTok of her eating a McDonalds burger in Black Widow’s white suit. She was then joined by Spider-Man cosplayer heyjohnson, who dueted the video by eating a burger. They were shortly joined by Captain America cosplayer thatjakeryan, who dueted their video by eating some crisps, and the trend then expanded when Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner and Scott Lang cosplayers dueted the video. The trend is currently still growing.

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