Black Wii to Arrive in North America? Maybe

I can honestly agree with the saying “once you go black, you never go back.” And it has nothing to do with race or sexual appeal, it has more to do with how prestige and appealing consoles, and hardware in general, looks when displayed in a glossy black finish. Just about every single piece of technology – from phones to TV – glistens with a polished black look. Everything aside from my Wii, which stands out with its white-painted facade amongst a cabinet full of piano black finishes. Hopefully, though, all that is about to change.

If you recall, Japan was fortunate enough to get dibs on the black Wii last summer. You remember, right? The same one that Europe got to grasp in their hands as we idly watched in jealousy? Yea, that one. All that might change, however. North America is finally going to get to have something cool that the rest of the world has already become extremely uninterested in (kind of like the iPhone over here).

Kotaku is reporting that they’ve heard from multiple sources within the retail industry about a new Wii bundle suspected to appear in stores next month. The rumored package is rumored to contain a black Wii with matching Remote and MotionPlus and a copy of the change-the-damn-game-already-or-add-something-more-appealing Wii Sports Resort.

If this is true, I will have Wii I’ll be donating to a poor kid in Burundi somewhere, which will render him the coolest kid in the country, with hopes that he has access to a TV. Yes, I have taken into consideration that the Wii has become nothing more than a paperweight, but I’m doing it more for the sake of design. HGTV has taught me some things.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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