Blacklight: Tango Down Looks Sick, Details and Screens

Blacklight: Tango Down is a new game being developed by Zombie Entertainment and Ignition Entertainment that brings a truly unique perspective of the world to us. In the not too distant, not too different future from now the world is over-run by the rapid advancement and infestation of (you guessed it) extremely high tech gadgets! Come on you know you are guilty of spending a little too much time on these things, we all are, this is the digital age after all isn’t it? But what if things went horribly wrong? Read on for more on Blacklight: Tango Down’s dark premonitions of a world where technology is mankind’s downfall.

This multiplayer-focused shooter built upon Unreal Engine 3 will have players set against a dark near-future world where a computer virus turned psychological disorder will create a zombie-like plague causing normal citizens to become enraged and otherwise superhumanly strong. The future technology of mankind has gone too far and opened up backdoors to our very minds.

The game will pit players against this madness in an elite group comprised of Delta Force, Navy SEALS, Rangers, CIA, and more who will utilize the latest in real life future combat tech and weapons based on science fact from military breakthroughs currently in development (mostly in labs and concepts at this time).

Some examples of this real life future tech range from EMP grenades, to ‘digi-grenades’ that distort visual data comprehension to a soldier’s site, and more. Expect much more on this title in the coming months and look out for its release do digital download distribution across the PC, Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, and PlayStation Network Store! Check out the new collection of screens and concept art below.

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