Blade Kitten May Finally Get an Episode Two in the Form of DLC, Developers Tease

February 13, 2014

Episode platformer Blade Kitten may at long last be getting an Episode 2, developer Krome Studios teased yesterday on Facebook.

Blade Kitten first launched in 2010, with the first episode ending with a big cliffhanger pointing towards a sequel. Unfortunately for fans, this sequel never came.

Recently however, developer Krome Studios was able to obtain all of its assets from publisher Atari, giving them the legal ground to release the final part of their game.

Episode 2 will come in the form of a DLC addon to Blade Kitten, and is intended to first be released on Steam for $5. Krome Studios are currently waiting for the App ID to be transferred to them so that they can make changes to the store page.


Speaking to Joystiq, Krome Studios co-founder Steve Stamatiadas said that he hoped to release Episode 2 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but noted that this would depend on how cooperative each company was.

That side of things is pretty much going to come down to Microsoft, Sony, and Valve and their storefronts.

If releasing Episode 2 as DLC isn’t an option, Krome Studios have plans to re-release game in its entirety. The DLC route is preferable for him however.

That way people wouldn’t need to buy the game again and play through it all to get to finally finish the story.

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