Blade Strangers Coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 With Summer Release

Announced nearly a year ago, Blade Strangers is finally revealed to have an estimated release time-frame for sometime during this summer.

Those anticipating for the release of Blade Strangers will be pleased to hear that it will be available for purchase at an unknown time this summer. The news of the upcoming title was first announced last year.

If you are looking to find a copy in the coming summer, you will be able to grab a physical release or digital release for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. Steam will have a digital release available to download at the same time. Those who are in Japan will also get to experience the arcade version released simultaneously in select arcade centers.

Studio Saizensen is the developer behind Blade Strangers, and they will be giving a product with online and offline modes, as well as unique character animations. Included is offline Story mode, Missions, and Arcade and Versus modes. The fighting style in Blade Strangers is more classic with a four-button control scheme, much like many of the brawlers you could find on Neo-Geo arcade machines.

The character roster for Blade Strangers includes some fighters from the Code of Princess EX and Umihara Kawase series. Some new characters will join the roster as well, along with Curly Brace from Cave Story. Four other surprise guest stars have yet to be revealed, but will be already familiar to some gamers. There are ten characters revealed so far, and they include:

  • Curly Brace (Cave Story+)
  • Solange (Code of Princess EX)
  • Ali (Code of Princess EX)
  • Liongate (Code of Princess EX)
  • Master T (Code of Princess EX)
  • Kawase (Umihara Kawase)
  • Noko (Umihara Kawase)
  • Emiko (Umihara Kawase)
  • Lina (New and shiny!)
  • Helen (Also new and shiny!)

Want to see what Blade Strangers is all about? Then watch the new gameplay and opening cinematic videos below, or check out the DualShockers preview of the game:

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