Blair Witch is Out Today, Check Out the Launch Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Blair Witch today to coincide with launch.

Believe it or not, Bloober Team has today released Blair Witch, the new horror game based on the movie property that first came about in the 90s.

Alongside release, Bloober Team also released a new trailer, of the launch variety, to show off more of what the game has in store. The trailer presents the core plot of the game which sees the main protagonist venturing into the eerie woods of Maryland in search of a lost boy. Of course, in typical horror fashion, what lies in the woods is something far creepier than your character likely would’ve expected to find.

All in all, I think Blair Witch continues to look pretty thrilling. Even though I’m a bit lukewarm on the original movie, The Blair Witch Project, which started this franchise off, I think the game looks pretty good. I’ve been in need of a good scary game recently, too, so I might jump into this soon.

To give you a peek behind the curtain here at DualShockers, we’re in the process of reviewing Blair Witch right now. We didn’t get the game until closer to release and therefore couldn’t have our impressions out today like we would have liked. Regardless, expect to hear more of what we think sometime next week.

You can check out the launch trailer for Blair Witch down below. You can pick the game up now on Xbox One and PC for $29.99.

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