Blair Witch Launches on Oculus Quest Just in Time for Halloween

Blair Witch Launches on Oculus Quest Just in Time for Halloween

Blair Witch makes its way to Oculus Quest just in time for you to fully immerse yourself in the spooky forest this Halloween.

Blooper Team’s Blair Witch project released last year to a mixed critical reaction; however, that wasn’t because the game lacked the spookies. Today, the team revealed players will get the chance to see how it all plays out in VR. Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition is set to launch on October 29, which is perfect for players looking for something terrifying to play this Halloween. Check it out below.

Of course, the port to VR comes with some caveats. Blair Witch had pretty solid visuals and some great atmosphere in its original release. The VR version certainly doesn’t look as good, but plenty of horror games have proved you don’t need photo-realistic visuals to be horrifying. I’m also very interested to see what they’ve done to improve interactivity, which is an important mechanic for VR games.

That brings up some great news on the doggie train. Because of the increased interactivity, you can finally pet Bullet, your friendly pup. I’m sure that Twitter account will be very happy.

All told, this is a cool move from Bloober Team. The game might not live up to their usual output in the horror genre, but it’s still fine. Now that it’s on VR via the Oculus Quest, even more people will get to see how scary VR horror can be. We just need them to port Observer over now too.

Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition comes to the Oculus Quest on October 29. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.