Blaseball and Its Devs Are Taking a Much-Deserved Off-Season

Blaseball and Its Devs Are Taking a Much-Deserved Off-Season

The Blaseball dev team is taking a break to work on bug fixes, new features, and hopefully actually getting to take a breather.

Blaseball has quickly become an internet sensation. The always-running, baseball adjacent betting simulator appeared out of nowhere not too long ago and already has scores of fans. And the development team at The Game Band is committed to making the game even better. To that end, they’re taking an extended off-season to work on bugs, add features, and hopefully actually give themselves a break.

If you’ve yet to experience the joy that is Blaseball, the game is, on the surface, pretty easy to explain. Essentially, Blaseball is a constantly-running approximation of baseball. Sure, the stats and attributes are a little weird, but it’s still basically baseball. It’s just that here, a player’s “Soulscream” is a factor you’ll need to pay attention to.

At the onset of your Blaseball journey, you’ll select one of the many teams that make up the league. The more refined of you will, undoubtedly,  choose the Canadien Moist Talkers. That said, regardless of who you pick, you’ll earn coins for each win that team gets. You can then bet those coins on matchups in an attempt to pump your wealth up enough to purchase different things from the shop.

That’s where things get interesting. With coins, you can buy votes, peanuts, and other things. These let you have an impact on both your team and the league as a whole. It’s an intricate system that The Game Band is only looking to build upon.

So, while you can find Blaseball on the game’s website, you can’t play it for now. We’re in the think of the off-season. Frankly, The Game Band can take all the time they need. The game is already excellent and I’m excited to see what they can come up with. Plus, they deserve to actually take a breather.