Blaseball Returns for Season 4

Blaseball Returns for Season 4

Blaseball is back for its fourth season of absurdist baseball fun.

After taking an “extended siesta” due to the unexpected viral popularity the game received this month, Blaseball is back for a fourth season. Season 4 threw its first pitch yesterday allowing players to get right back into the insanity of the game.

Blaseball is not a traditional sports simulation game. Instead of controlling players from the real world, like in games such as MLB The Show or Fifa, players watch fictional teams play games in real-time through text descriptions of what’s happening play by play. Players bet in-game currency on matches to acquire more currency to buy items such as 1,000 peanuts or a squirrel to help you eat your 1,000 peanuts.

In addition to being able to buy humorous items with their coins, Blaseball players can buy and spend “votes” that act as a currency that influence and add to the absurdity of the game. At the end of each season, which each last one week, the votes are tallied up and the actions that received the most votes are implemented for the next season. For example, some of the items to vote on for next season include a modifier that gives the worst-performing teams advantages, complete stat changes for a team’s best pitchers, and improved team defense.

The game’s absurdist moments aren’t initially apparent, however, until you watch a few games. Incinerations, rogue umpires, and other unpredictable and random events take place when players are least expecting it. The unpredictability adds to part of the fun though because players understand that if their player spontaneously combusts today, maybe it’ll be someone on the other team tomorrow.

Season 4 of Blaseball will last until Saturday and at that point, the postseason will start. The game moves pretty quickly so if you’re looking for where to start make sure to check out the Blaseball website to get into the action.