Blasphemous DLC The Stir of Dawn Adds New Game+ and Much More

Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn is a free DLC update for the punishing Metroidvania that adds tons of new content to the game.

Blasphemous players are in for a treat early next month. The punishing Metroidvania is, by design, a brutal platformer with a huge map to explore. But, developer The Game Kitchen doesn’t think that’s enough. To that end, the team is putting out a free DLC download called The Stir of Dawn to pump that content level to 11. Watch the new trailer below to see a wide swath of what’s coming on August 4.

Most excitingly, Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn adds a New Game+ option. That’s been one of the most-requested features since the game launched. If you’ve long since finished the game, this gives you a new reason to hop back in. The New Game+ mode even includes a brand new storyline and bosses for players to test their mettle against.

There’s also a new penitence system that provides players with a choice to make. You’ll choose between three different options which provide different bonuses and negative effects to your character. So, you’ll need to carefully select your penitence based on your playstyle. The system is completely optional though. So, you don’t have to engage with it if you don’t want to.

That’s not all though. Players can expect a revamped map systems, new items, and a heaping helping of balance changes. And, in yet another piece of good news, Blasphemous is updating its voice acting, complete a full Spanish option.

If you haven’t jumped into Blasphemous yet, now seems like a great time to hop in. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One now. The Stir of Dawn comes for free on August 4.

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