Bomberman-Styled Title Blast Zone! Tournament Explodes onto Consoles

Bomberman-Styled Title Blast Zone! Tournament Explodes onto Consoles

Multiplayer mayhem is afoot in the trailer for light-hearted Bomberman-influenced game Blast Zone! Tournament ahead of its console launch next month.

When it comes to multiplayer action there are few games as frantic, manic, and downright enjoyable as the now legendary Bomberman series. It’s a franchise that pretty much created and held its own corner of the market for generations. However, Victory Lap Games and Red Dragon Games believe they might have a major competitor on their hands with Blast Zone! Tournament.

Blast Zone! Tournament places players in a large arena where they must maneuver through a grid-like system armed with oversized cartoon bombs in order to defeat one another and rack up a high score.

Although the premise here is both simple and familiar, the game is still set to provide a challenge for all involved. With up to 32 players battling it out for the top spot through a mix of online and local multiplayer; coming out on top will be no easy feat.

To keep things fresh, Blast Zone! Tournament features an almost endless array of customization options for your avatar, allowing you to dress up as anything from bunnies to DJs as you take on over 280 multiplayer levels.

Blast Zone! Tournament is scheduled for release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2019. It is also available currently on Steam and is set to feature crossplay.