BlazBlue Centralfiction Rollback Update Release Time on Steam

The BB Centralfiction Rollback Netcode update launches February 1

January 31, 2022

Arc System Works announced on February 1 JST that BlazBlue Centralfiction on PC/Steam will receive its Rollback Netcode update later this day, Here’s the release time of the update.

In a Japanese press release, BlazBlue developer Arc System Works noted how the number of Centralfiction players on Steam greatly increased since the start of the Rollback Netcode beta in December 2021. Arc System Works also confirmed there have never been as many active BlazBlue Centralfiction players on Steam as now.

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Here is when the BlazBlue Centralfiction Rollback Netcode update is coming

The Rollback Netcode update for BlazBlue Centralfiction will launch on February 1, 2022, at “around” 17:00 JST, 3 AM EST, midnight PST. Click here for a countdown. The Japanese press release also specified this will mark the end of the Rollback Beta.


Right now, BlazBlue Centralfiction is 50% off on Steam, until February 3, 2022. All of the BlazBlue series is also on sale too. Personally speaking, I believe BlazBlue has an incredible story, so I’d definitely recommend plunging into it. You should never underestimate a fighting game’s storytelling potential.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle also has a Rollback Netcode update in the works. It’ll come to PS4 and Steam in 2022 at an unspecified date. 2022 seems to be a great year for fighting games, with Melty Blood Type Lumina up and running and KOF XV coming February 14, 2022.

Arc System Works just added Baiken to Guity Gear Strive and there’s still one more character in the game’s first season pass. Who do you think it’ll be? Are you looking forward to KOF XV? Are you a veteran BlazBlue player or did you pick up Centralfiction for the first time after playing Strive? Tell us in the comments!

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