BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle PS4 Open Beta and Demo Get Dates and Details

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle PS4 Open Beta and Demo Get Dates and Details

If you want to try out BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle by Arc System Works on PS4 before it releases, an open beta and a demo are coming.

Arc System Works announced the dates and details for the upcoming beta testing of the North American version of its crossover fighting game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

The open beta starts on May 9th for those who pre-ordered the game on the PlayStation Store. All 20 launch characters are included. The beta will open to everyone on May 12th, and end on May 14th.

  • BlazBlue
    • Ragna
    • Jin
    • Noel
    • Makoto
    • Rachel
    • Hazama
    • Azrael
    • Iron Tager
    • No 13
    • Es
  • Persona 4 Arena
    • Yu
    • Yosuke
    • Chie
    • Yukiko
    • Hyde
    • Linne
    • Waldstein
    • Gordeau
  • RWBY
    • Ruby
    • Weiss

Players will be able to check out the Casual Lobby mode, the Tactics Mode (limited to Tutorial and Practice), the VS mode. Those who pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store will be able to play the VS mode online against human opponents. Everyone else will be able to play only against the CPU.

After the beta ends on May 14th, a demo will become available. Those who pre-odered on the PlayStation Store will get pretty much the same feature as the beta, but VS mode multiplayer will be local only. The Casual Lobby mode won’t be included either. Everyone else will get just four characters, and VS mode will be available only against the CPU.

If you want to see more about the game, you can enjoy the latest trailer showcasing DLC characters, and the latest batch of screenshots directly from Arc System Works.

The game will release for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It will come on May 31st in Japan, on June 5th in North America, and this Summer in Europe.

The Switch and PS4 version can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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