BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character Introduction: Neo Politan from RWBY Has an Umbrella and She Knows How to Use It

Neo is joining the cast of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle on November 21.

The massive “Version 2.0” update to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle releases on November 21. In addition to balance updates, it’ll feature new characters, new plot scenarios, and new character colors. One of those new characters is Neo Politan from RWBY, and today she recently received a neat little character introduction, courtesy of Arc System Works. She looks elegant and deadly as she whips her umbrella around.

Neo Politan isn’t a new character, of course, but this is her first appearance in a fighting game. She seems to fit in pretty well. Her umbrella has good range (each whack is distinct and crunchy), and she has a neat little mix-up game. In the middle of block-strings, Neo can teleport above and behind her opponent. I’m definitely getting hit by this ability once or twice.

Neo also has long-range mix-ups with her ability to sweep and teleport around opponents from full-screen. These moves look cool and flashy when they work, but the startup seems a little slow. Furthermore, while we don’t see them blocked or whiffed, I have concerns about the way they recover. Luckily, since BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is a team-based fighting game, you’ll be able to cover these shortcomings by calling in your other character to assist.

We’ve seen a similar introduction to Yumi from Senran Kagura, and Arc System Works released a teaser for Celica and Susanoo from BlazBlue, Adachi and Elizabeth from Persona, and Hilde from Under Night In-Birth. Version 2.0 will also feature Akatsuki and Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf.

Stay tuned for more news on BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as we approach the Version 2.0 release in November. In the meantime, the base game (which is awesome) is available on PS4, Switch, and PC.

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