BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Is Getting Four New DLC Characters

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Is Getting Four New DLC Characters

Teddy from Persona 4 Arena, Seth from Under Night In-Birth, Naoto Kurogane from BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and Heart Aino from Arcana Hearts 3 will all be making their way into BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

At EVO Japan, Arc System Works announced the next wave of upcoming DLC characters in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. The lineup is full of unique characters like Teddy from Persona 4 Arena, Naoto Kurogane of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Seth from Under Night In-Birth, and Heart Aino will be included to represent Arcana Heart 3. You can check out all of the fighters in action in a new trailer and some screenshots below.

I’m personally only accustomed to a few of Arc System Works’ titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ (my 2018 game of the year) and Persona 4 Arena. As a huge fan of all things Persona, it’s definitely exciting to see Teddy in action again.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a crossover between some of Arc System Works’ most iconic fighting games. Some additional outsider series have been included like Rooster Teeth’s RWBY and now Examu’s Arcana Hearts. In the new trailer, we get a slight hint at an additional series joining the fray. As of right now, we can only speculate which that will be.

All of the newly announced DLC characters will be available sometime this spring. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle has seen quite a lot of support since it launched in May of 2018. The game has received eighteen DLC characters, so this new batch will make for a total of 21… and based on the additional tease it’s probably safe to assume more are on the way. Luckily, all of the DLC characters are released in packs of threes that cost $4.99, so it’s not nearly as expensive as some other fighting games that’ll charge you more for just one character.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is available now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.