Blazing Beaks is Out Now and Looks Like Nuclear Throne With Birds

Blazing Beaks is Out Now and Looks Like Nuclear Throne With Birds

Blazing Beaks is a new roguelite from Applava. The game puts a major focus on local multiplayer and gives players a chance to fight the onslaught cooperatively or fight against each other competitively.

Blazing Beaks is the latest roguelite for Nintendo Switch and PC. At first glance, the game looks a lot like Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon. However, developer Applava has added a few things to switch it up. Check out the Switch launch trailer below.

Blazing Beaks is a game of volatile mayhem as you try to shoot your way through an onslaught of enemies. The game sets its focus squarely on local multiplayer, offering both cooperative and competitive modes for players to enjoy.

The game supports two players in a cooperative story mode. This sees you and a buddy fighting off an endless horde of enemies as you try to discover the “origin of evil”. You’ll pick up new guns and risk grabbing game-changing artefacts that will improve some of your abilities while hindering others. Finding that perfect build will be a challenge, especially when you and friend both take a liking to the same weapons.

Blazing Beaks also has a tournament mode that supports up to four players locally. This is the competitive mode and gives players a number of different ways to test their skills against each other. The game features standard Deathmatch but also changes it up with a host of various game types. You can play Hunting mode where each player only has a throwable spear to fight with or One Gun mode where you all start with the same randomly chosen weapon each round. And those are just two of the many options at your disposal. It can quickly get gleefully chaotic, which should make it a hit in the right circles.

Blazing Beaks is out now for Nintendo Switch and PC. Grab a friend or three and get busy dying.