Blazing Chrome Looks Explosive and Energetic in New Gameplay Footage

Blazing Chrome Looks Explosive and Energetic in New Gameplay Footage

Blazing Chrome is all about the retro arcade action as the latest gameplay footage sees Mavra taking on a heavily armed boss.

With the sheer amount of modern games desperately trying to recapture the style and charm of classic 1990s era gaming, it’s becoming increasingly easy for titles to get lost in the mix. However, one that’s standing out from the crowd and pulling no punches along the way is Joymasher’s 2D shooter Blazing Chrome.

Blazing Chrome is a no-nonsense side-scroller with a gritty 2000 AD style cyber-punk aesthetic which pays homage to arcade classics such as Contra. It provides fast-paced, unforgiving gameplay; putting players in the thick of the action.

The recently uploaded gameplay footage on Joymasher’s official Youtube channel shows exactly what players are in for when they challenge this retro-inspired slug-fest.

Opening with a swift run through a few of the game’s menus, we immediately learn that Blazing Chrome features three different difficulties which alter the lives/continue counters appropriately. We also see that there is an option for playing in mirror mode, before selecting from a pair of heavily armed characters.

Once the action kicks off we see a storm of bullets unloaded into enemies as platforms fall about and lightning crashes down in the background. An adrenaline-fueled run sees character Mavra using a laser whip and a grenade launcher to dispatch her foes before doing battle with a heavily armed aircraft which appears to be acting as the level’s sub-boss.

Blazing Chrome is bringing its brand of 16-bit carnage to PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this year.