Blazing Core – Knights of the Future Invite Players to “Blaze a Trail of Destruction” in Open Beta Shooter

Developer OctoBox Interactive invites fans of weapons-laden mayhem to create of destruction as it unveils Blazing Core – Knights of the Future's Open Beta.

on September 8, 2018 10:44 AM

OctoBox Interactive today announced that players around the globe are invited to compete in a tactical 3×3 and 6×6 battles to prevail in bringing down their rival teams in Blazing Core – Knights of the Future, which is now available to all PC gamers as it enters the open beta stage.

Blazing Core – Knights of the Future marries together tradition and futurism as it takes players on a journey between space-age technology and feudal institutions of the past. Encountering giant robot knights poised to do battle, gamers will need to be ready to get their hands dirty in this multiplayer PC shooter.

Knights of the Future has brought in new features since the Alpha that include newly reworked maps featuring temples and bazaars, join forces with friends from Steam and form parties, dynamic lighting for better visual effects and atmosphere, new weapons like the rocket launcher, swarming missiles, a sniper revolver (that one sounds fun!) and many more.

Blazing Core – Knights of the Future is available from Septemeber 7 through Steam and you can also sign-up to participate in the open beta on the Blazing Core website. Or you can, if you wish, check out some screenshots of the game below:

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