Ninja Theory Announces the End of Content Updates for Bleeding Edge

Ninja Theory Announces the End of Content Updates for Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge will no longer receive content updates as the team at Ninja Theory moves on to the other games it has cooking.

Ninja Theory launched Bleeding Edge, its 4-on-4 multiplayer combat game, last year. While it’s full of varied, memorable characters, the game never really took off. Sure, it received middling reviews on launch, but we’ve seen other online games come out of the gate slowly only to turn it around. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be the case with Bleeding Edge. Today, the studio announced that they’re moving development resources to Senua’s Saga, Project Mara, and The Insight Project. It’s a bit sad, but the game never had the player base to sustain itself.

Again, this isn’t a surprise. Just looking at the unofficial Steam stats, Bleeding Edge had a peak player count of 11 during the entire month of December. That’s just not going to keep the doors open. Doubly so when your studio is hard at work on a few exciting new games. That said, it does stink to see a game that was a passion project for the development team ultimately fail after less than a year.

It will be interesting to see when the studio starts to talk more about the other three projects they have on the docket. Obviously, they’ve popped up here and there, but none of them have a firm release date just yet. And Ninja Theory has steadily put out at least one game per year since 2017. It seems completely feasible that we’ll see one of these titles launch later this year.

Bleeding Edge is still available on PC and Xbox One. Maybe with this announcement you’ll be able to find one or two last games before the community dries up completely.