Bleeding Edge Developer Digs Into the Game in New Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Ninja Theory gave fans a more in-depth look at their upcoming Bleeding Edge at the E3 version of Microsoft's Inside Xbox. Check it out.

June 12, 2019

Ninja Theory’s Rahni Tucker took to the stage at the E3 version of Inside Xbox to give a more in-depth look into the team’s upcoming Bleeding Edge. The 4v4 combat game looks wild in action and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Give the gameplay demo a look below.

In the interview, Tucker confirmed that the character you pick will matter quite a bit. Each of them is slotted into one of three classes: heavies, assassins, and supports. Within those three classes, there is a mix of ranged and melee characters to diversify the combat even more.

However, just because you and I are both playing Buttercup, that doesn’t mean our Buttercups are exactly the same. Bleeding Edge gives players access to three mod slots. Everyone starts with the same three for each character; however, as you play you earn more mods. The mods won’t make you more powerful, they just give you more options.


Tucker used Daemon as an example. He starts off with mods that increase his health, the damage on his katana, and the range on his shuriken. He also has the innate ability to go into stealth. So, if you prefer playing as a stealth character you can spec him to be more dangerous while he’s in stealth.

This also opens up the opportunity for some very intriguing and powerful team comps. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to pull too many OP combos with random players, but I can easily see a pre-made foursome absolutely demolishing people. The team will have to prove their game is quality, but if they do, chances seem high for this to become a fun e-sports title.

Bleeding Edge is entering a technical alpha on June 27. The team plans to hold weekly tests as they take player feedback and work on the technical side of the game. If it looks like your kind of game, go ahead and jump on that alpha in a few weeks.


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