Bleeding Edge Launch Trailer is Full of Chaos

Bleeding Edge Launch Trailer is Full of Chaos

Bleeding Edge from Ninja Theory lets you team up with three friends next week in wild and wacky 4v4 melee action.

Bleeding Edge is the upcoming 4v4 team fighter from the team at Ninja Theory. The 3rd-person action brawler is all about working with your team to pull off powerful, stunning combos to decimate your opponents. After several beta tests over the past few months, the game is finally ready for prime time. It launches next week, but give the trailer below a look to see a bit of what’s in store.

The team-based hero genre has quickly become oversaturated ever since the massive success of Overwatch (and even Team Fortress 2 before that). However, Ninja Theory has done a few things to try to make Bleeding Edge stand out from the pack. The first is that the game is melee-focused. Most games of this ilk tend to be shooters. Ninja Theory is, instead, putting their chops in the melee world to use. Considering this is the studio that made DmC: Devil May Cry, it makes sense for the melee action to be as hot and heavy as the game has shown. Hopefully, it’s as fun to play as it is to watch.

The other big thing that makes the game stand out, at least to me, is the character roster. I mean, one character is a digitized soul that lives inside a mechanical snake which uses the husk of his former body to pretend to walk around as a human. There’s also a grandma who flies around on a hovercraft that helps turn her into a witch. And then they have a dolphin living inside a crab-like mech? It’s just a wild roster that’s unlike any other game I’ve seen before. Of course, that hardly matters if the game isn’t good, but it at least grabs your attention.

We’ll know soon how good Bleeding Edge is. The game launches on March 24 for PC and Xbox One. If you’re a Game Pass subscriber, it comes with that, so you can check it out for no extra cost.