Bless Unleashed Classes and Races - Which One You Should Choose

Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Ranger, and Priest.

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 5, 2021

Before jumping into this MMORPG, you will need to learn more about Bless Unleashed classes and races. Let’s find out more about the lore of the game.

For PC players, Bless Unleashed is one of the anticipated MMORPGs of August 2021 that will be available for free this week.

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Although the game’s launch on consoles didn’t bring a huge success, the developers are determined to create a big community on PC, based on what they learned after the console launch.

Bless Unleashed – Secrets and Scions Trailer

Bless Unleashed – Secrets and Scions Trailer

Bless Unleashed Races


Humans stepped into the world later than Vargs and Elves, and yet they have had the biggest effect on the continent.

As a highly social race, Humans joined together in an epic war against Gnolls and the Orcs and drive them out of their lands.

Humans’ progress in establishing an empire and improving the quality of life was outstanding enough that some ancient Elves and Vargs joined them as well.

That being said, when the greedy humans attempted to open a portal to a new dimension using the Elf magics, they caused a disaster that affected the life all races. The incident is called Nightspire.


Despite having a furious look, Vargs are peaceful creatures living secluded from the whole world for years. If the Nightspire incident wouldn’t affect their lives so badly, they could still live in seclusion.

Vargs are known for their brutality and power in physical and close-ranged combat. They have had some of the most powerful warriors among all races.


Elves are the first creatures ever that stepped into the world. No one could match with them when it comes to intelligence and magic.

They are probably the most peaceful creatures of the world, who increased in number when they lost their immortality after failing to secure the World Tree from destruction.

Some of them joined humans to help them out with their magic knowledge, but the greed of humans hurt the whole world.


Ippins are outsiders. They don’t belong to this world, but when their airship crashed onto our world, they were forced to start living with three other races.

They have had access to technology beyond their time, and that’s what makes Ippins unique.

Bless Unleashed Classes


  • Style: Melee
  • Primary Weapon: Axe
  • Race: Varg

Berserkers are powerful warriors and masters of critical hits, thanks to using a two-handed weapon against their opponents.

They might not be as fast as other classes, but no one could match them when it comes to destruction power.


  • Style: Melee
  • Primary Weapon: Sword
  • Race: Human and Ippin

Crusaders are skilled in fast melee combat using a sword and shield.

They might not be as powerful as Berserkers, but they know better than anyone else when to defend and when to attack.


  • Style: Ranged
  • Primary Weapon: Staff
  • Race: Human and Elf

Mages are known for their power lied inside their magics. They are the most unpredictable warriors among all classes.

The variety of spells they can cast again their opponents put them in an obvious privilege.


  • Style: Ranged
  • Primary Weapon: Staff
  • Race: Human and Ippin

Priests show their ultimate potential when they are in a group with other allies. Their ability to protect allies and apply ranged attacks on enemies make them necessary for every group of warriors.

Similar to Mages, they use magic-like projectiles to defeat their enemies.


  • Style: Ranged
  • Primary Weapon: Longbow
  • Race: Elf

All Elves are known for their incomparable skills in using bows as their most effective weapons alongside magic.

With their precise aim and eagle eyes, a Ranger could be a nightmare for any melee warrior.

Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play game and will be available on August 6 for PC through Steam.

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