Blind Street Fighter V Player Defeats “The Master” Ryu and Makes it Look Easy

Blind Street Fighter V Player Defeats “The Master” Ryu and Makes it Look Easy

Blind Street Fighter V player BlindWarriorSven took down incredibly difficult AI opponent "The Master" Ryu in just two attempts.

As gamers, we all like to think that we are relatively well-skilled in our game of choice. We like to believe that we could perform well under pressure and crush our opponents. However, a lot of fighting game fans are having serious trouble defeating Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s “The Master” variation of veteran character Ryu. One player who’s not finding this to be a tedious challenge is BlindWarriorSven.

BlindWarriorSven lost the use of his eyes at the age of six but realised that he could still play Street Fighter II. As each character’s movements make different sounds, he learned how to play the game using only audio cues.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s CPU controlled character “The Master” Ryu is a powered-up variation of the series’ iconic fighter. Possessing an absurdly high difficulty level and able to knock players out in mere seconds, The Master is a featured as a boss in Extra Battle Mode and challenging him costs 1000 of the ever-evolving game’s currency, fight money.

Playing as Ken, BlindWarriorSven opened up with a jump-in attack but was quickly met by The Master’s anti-air punch. This led to a swift and brutal rush of attacks as The Master advanced on Sven with a number of low kicks that made way for combos, wake-up dragon punches, and a critical art finisher which ultimately ended the single-round challenge.

A second attempt proved to be more promising for the Netherlands-based player as he hit the retry option and dove back into the fray. The fight opened once again with BlindWarriorSven jumping in to attack his opponent. This time, however, it landed and opened up into a combo that forced Ryu into the corner. A short fireball game ensures until Sven hopped over a hadoken to continue damaging The Master.

The match saw The Master play aggressively and claim a significant amount of Ken’s health. However, BlindWarriorSven’s playstyle finished Ryu off 52 seconds into the round.

You can check out the fight in the video below. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. It can be purchased now from Amazon. Iconic characters Ryu and Ken will also appear in the upcoming fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.