Blizzard Reveals it Has “Multiple Projects” for Diablo in Development; More Info Coming Later This Year

Diablo fans: your time has come, as Blizzard has revealed that it will share more on new projects for the long-running series later this year.

on August 8, 2018 2:11 PM

With Diablo III having been released back in 2012, plenty of speculation has come up about what we’ll see from the next game in the series, and now Blizzard has officially confirmed that, yes, more Diablo is on the way, and we’ll get to know more about it later this year.

Blizzard released a new video today from its official channel detailing what lies ahead for the Diablo series, with Blizzard associate community manager Brandy Camel highlighting what’s in store for the beloved action-RPG series in the future.

Specifically, Camel revealed that Blizzard has “multiple Diablo projects in the works,” adding that “some of them are going to take longer than others,” and that the company expects to reveal more details on at least a few of these projects later this year.

While obviously no specific details were revealed just yet as to what projects Blizzard is working on in regard to the series, some of the most likely guesses we can make at this point is hopefully the next mainline game in the series, while plenty of rumors in the past have suggested that Diablo III may be on its way for Nintendo Switch, but it’s still up in the air at this point.

We’ll have to wait and see what exactly Blizzard has up its sleeves, though with BlizzCon coming up this November, that seems like as good a place as any that we’ll learn more about the next chapters of the Diablo series.

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