Blizzard Hopes For StarCraft 2 Mac Beta in April

Blizzard Hopes For StarCraft 2 Mac Beta in April


Let’s assume that you’re participating in the StarCraft 2 beta for a second. Now, just imagine how many StarCraft fans hate your guts because of this. Yep, plenty. And this is just the PC folks. Imagine what would happen if that beta made its way over to Mac. Oh, wait… it is. The sequel to one of the most successful and most played RTS will be migrating over to the Mac platform in April, the developer – Blizzard – hopes.

In a recent Twitter Q&A with Blizzard, the studio is “currently working on a Mac version of the beta and hope to release it sometime in April.” See Mac owners? Blizzard does care!

However, the thing that might ensue tantrums amongst the millions of StarCraft junkies awaiting the beta is that if you didn’t register a while back for it, you’re pretty much screwed as they also reveal that “We have no plans to make an open beta at this time.”

Not that it should matter, of course, as the game is slated to release the first half of this year. Although it would be nice to get your hands a bit dirty before the game comes out.

Apple is getting some love this year with Valve announcing Steam support (and Source Engine porting) on OS X and Blizzard whipping out a beta client for StarCraft 2. Let’s see how consistent this support for games on Mac goes.