Blizzard Lays Out Plans for Upcoming Content in Overwatch in New Developer Update Video

Blizzard Lays Out Plans for Upcoming Content in Overwatch in New Developer Update Video

Since its release in May, Overwatch has quickly become a favorite amongst fans of both Blizzard Entertainment’s stable of games and shooters alike, with the developer releasing a new update video to provide new information on where the game is headed in the coming months.

In a new Developer Update video, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan (and game director of Overwatch) outlined some of the changes, new content, and more that will be coming to the game in the months ahead.

Specifically, Kaplan mentioned that the team is currently at work on two heroes, one of whom will be ready for release “sooner rather than later” and the other with an intended launch aimed for “probably some time next year.” Though it’s likely one of these heroes will be the rumored “Sombra,” no more specific details were provided for either new character.

Blizzard is also currently at work on new maps, with two maps nearing completion and four additional maps for brand new modes that are “in the early testing stage.” Kaplan expressed during the video that not all of the content discussed in the video may make it to the final game however, such as maps that may not work depending on the abilities of certain Heroes.

Kaplan also expressed that the team is currently working on changes and updates to Symmetra, with plans to update her coming (possibly) as soon as early to mid November, as she is one of the game’s least-played characters.

Specifically, Kaplan mentioned that the updates may include more “dramatic” changes to how Symmetra plays and what her abilities are rather than “minor number tweaks,” though no further details were provided just yet on what the team will do to alter Symmetra.

Alongside new characters, maps, and balance changes, Kaplan also explained that Spectator Mode will be seeing updates and changes including “bookmarked cameras” that will allow players to assign and switch between cameras that are placed around the map, and then providing hotkeys that can be used to switch between the cameras or to track certain players for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Other smaller updates like new emotes and voice lines will also be provided alongside the bigger content updates like the new characters, maps, and more.

Overwatch is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – you can watch the full Developer Update video from Blizzard on the state of Overwatch below: