Blizzard Not Happy About StarCraft Tournament Broadcasts in Korea

Blizzard Not Happy About StarCraft Tournament Broadcasts in Korea


Learning the hard way for their actions, two Korean stations are revealed to be getting sued by Blizzard for broadcasting some tournaments of StarCraft. At a press conference in Seoul, Blizzard’s CEO Paul Sams announced the decision that was made a month ago about suing MBC Game and OnGameNet for broadcasting professional StarCraft tournaments without the consent of the company…a big no-no.

But what about the people that put the tournaments together? Aren’t they going to get whooped on for hosting the games to begin with? As further explained by Sams, maybe. With Korea e-Sports Players Association being revealed as the company that put everything together, Sams explained,

“It’s unfortunate that the e-sports industry in Korea is lagging behind other industries in recognition of intellectual property (IP) rights and the basic principles related to them. Korea is the only region in the world where we have had to resort to litigation to protect our IP rights”

In defense for the stations, it’s been stated that games used for professional tournaments should be considered a part of the “public domain,” with the KeSPA stating that “Blizzard collecting license fees for StarCraft tournaments would be equivalent to Adidas levying costs on its balls used in football matches.”

Counteracting the defense, Blizzard’s front man went on to say,

StarCraft is not a public domain offering, as Blizzard has invested significant money and resources to create the StarCraft game and the overall StarCraft universe…Classifying StarCraft and other e-sports as part of the public domain deprives developers such as Blizzard of their IP rights. There will be no incentive to do what Blizzard had done to balance the games for competition, which is a more difficult task than creating a normal game.’’