Blizzard Reveals Two New Characters for Overwatch

Blizzard Reveals Two New Characters for Overwatch

This year’s PAX East is currently playing host to some of the industry’s biggest names, one of which is Blizzard Entertainment, the tea behind the upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch.

Today the studio revealed few new details about the upcoming shooter, including two new characters in the form of McCree and Zarya.

Zarya has the ability to attack foes from afar and close range with the Particle Cannon which also doubles up as a shield to deflect enemy attacks. You can check Zarya out in the character trailer down below.

Then we have McCree who wields his trusty peacekeeper revolver that allows him to target multiple targets in true gunslinger fashion and fire off multiple rounds to down his enemies. Certainly looks like he’ll be a fan favorite.

So when does Overwatch launch? Hopefully this autumn according to Blizzard. So whilst it may seem like a long way away, it’ll soon creep up on us. In the meantime check out the character trailers down below.