Blizzard’s Goal from “Day One” Was to Make Overwatch Playable on Consoles; No PC-Console Crossplay

on November 8, 2015 10:26 AM

Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest projects, and it’s a team-based shooter. Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed at BlizzCon recently that the studio’s goal from “day one” was to make it playable on consoles.

The reason for this statement is that some console users thought Blizzard ported the game from PC to PS4 and Xbox One as an afterthought. Kaplan explained that it “was our goal from day one to have this game playable on console.”

“When we started to make Overwatch … it was our goal from day one to have this game playable on console, designing the game so it felt great on a console controller almost put this forced design elegance on us.”

He continued to say that Overwatch will have “full integration with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network,” but it won’t feature PC-console cross-play as they have “their own ecosystems.”

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