Blizzard's Project Titan Now Has a Team of Over 100

September 29, 2012

Since World of Warcraft has been around quite a long time, It’s good to see Blizzard working on a new MMO. Project Titan was originally revealed early last year when a leaked release timeline showed it scheduled for a 2013 release. Since then, Blizzard has been remarkably tight lipped about the game, other then to confirm it’s real, and it is an MMO.

“The team is over 100 people now,” he said, adding that new game teams may start with as few as three people and gather staffers as they develop.

Blizzard VP of Game Development Rob Pardo had a few words on the subject recently. We already knew that development would ramp up as soon as Diablo III was up and running. Blizzard seems to be sticking to the plan, but an MMO is a lot of work, and even with a large team, it’s going to take a lot of long nights and energy drinks to get it up and running on time.

What will the game be about? We know it’s not World of Warcraft II, which is good or bad news depending on your opinion of the original. World of Starcraft maybe? Who knows, maybe all the MMO-like features in Diablo III were just a test? I suppose we’ll have to wait for now, because Blizzard isn’t giving any details.

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