BlizzCon 09 Costume Contest Finals

BlizzCon 09 Costume Contest Finals

Here is the video of the BlizzCon 09 costume contest finalists. This costume contest happens every year and every year I am more amazed with the effort people put into their costumes. These are pretty incredible, I thought the giant turtle mount from last year was good, but these are pretty damn close. Not to mention that Jay Mohr is pretty funny doing the running commentary for the results. I have to say that the three people that were the runner-ups were better than the guy that won third place. My personal favorite was the giant skeleton guy with his level 5 critter. Which would you have voted for as the winner?

2 responses to “BlizzCon 09 Costume Contest Finals”

  1. matty boom bot says:

    chick in the red is retarded hot

  2. PJ says:

    That red outfit is 100% win.