BlizzCon 09 Schwag Marine

By Al Zamora

August 21, 2009

Every year at BlizzCon there are certain items that are given away as limited edition schwag dedicated for just the event and this year is no exception. This year attendees are getting an exclusive marine, Raynor n00b, that comes with a Gauss rifle, stands in at 6.25 inches tall and sports his signature StarCraft II battlesuit with a BlizzCon ’09 shoulder mark. Different versions of these n00bz are on dispaly at the show and even for sale. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a blank n00b and seeing what my imagination could come up with. These figures are a lot like Mighty Muggs and provide vinyl fun for all to enjoy.

The limited edition Raynor n00b is already showing up on eBay for $75, so if your at the show and you want to make back some of your money you spent on the ticket just try to hock your marine.

In April, Blizzard Entertainment held a contest inviting employees from around the world to take blank n00bz home and get to work turning the featureless figures into canvases for their own Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo themed art. Over 250 employees from departments throughout the company took up their brushes—and in some cases, what appear to be chainsaws and welding torches—to paint, sculpt, and otherwise craft a veritable n00bz army of marines, murlocs, Mimirons, and more.

The top three most reproducible designs (shown below) were dissected by gnomish engineers, analyzed by Sanctuary archivists, and reconstituted for folks to purchase at the BlizzCon store.

You can see some of the other epic entries on display in the art gallery between Halls B and C—and if you’re feeling inspired, you can pick up your own blank n00bz at the BlizzCon Store and head to Hall B, where you’ll find a dedicated design area with paints and other implements of n00bz-craft.

Here are some shots of the other three designs. Let me know which is your favorite.

[Via SuperPunch]

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