BlizzCon 09 Dance Contest

By Al Zamora

August 24, 2009

BlizzCon is always a good time, but one of my favorite events has to be the dance competition. This year was no let down and people came out with guns blazing and some serious dance skills. Jay Mohr goes off and does color commentary throughout and really has some good one liners. I have my favorite dance, but won’t let people know just yet. What is your favorite dance? Watch the second video for the rogue dance troop, which by the way needs to uncover their mouths when they introduce themselves. Also there are quite a few females trying to bring the sexy, a large man that river dances, a dude wearing MC Hammer pants and even one contestant with a foldable cane that competes, pretty impressive. There are so many things to say about these videos that I would rather just discuss them in the comments. Enjoy!

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Al Zamora

Al has been gaming as long as he can remember and will continue to game until his fingers break off or video games cease to exist. A New York native born and raised he crashed into the gaming journalism scene in 2006. Since then he has become the on air personality for DSTV and loves every second of cursing while interviewing developers about serious topics. Aside from being a gamer he also has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering that does not help in the gaming world but does provide for fun stories when people say "what?".Favorite games: Contra (NES), Mega Man II (NES) and Final Fantasy III (SNES)

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