BlizzCon Tickets Go on Sale on June 2 and June 5

By Yaris Gutierrez

May 18, 2010

This is more of a warning than an informative post, for you Blizzard fans. As most followers are aware, BlizzCon 2010 is slowly creeping up and tickets are going on sale pretty soon, Blizzard announced. Passes to the event will be sold on two different days. Day one will be on Wednesday, June 2 at 7PM PST, and the second day will be Saturday, June 5 at 10AM PST. Now before any of you decide to drink an unhealthy amount of caffeine to stay up for those two days with wallets in hand, you might want to take note that the Anaheim-based geek event will be a bit pricey – $150 a pass pricey. Most of us would think that with that kind of dough, you’re better off buying yourself something that will offer you a bit more bang for your buck. You know, like a console or something. But, you do have your hardcore Blizzard fans [cough] like myself [cough] who will willingly churn out that kind of money to attend the event; Especially because of the nifty little things they give to attendees like mounts you will never ever get anywhere else. And god know how much a special mount is worth $150, right? Absolutely.

Just take note, ladies and gentlemen, that these passes tend to sell like a cocaine in Miami during the 80’s, so you better prepare yourself for sleepless nights and a ton of Mountain Dew.

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