Blonde Girl’s Summer Lesson for PlayStation VR Leaked by Trophies [UPDATED]

Blonde Girl’s Summer Lesson for PlayStation VR Leaked by Trophies [UPDATED]

The blonde girl who appeared in the E3 2015 PlayStation VR demo of Summer Lesson might make a comeback in her own game.

Back at E3 2015, Bandai Namco brought a demo of its PlayStation VR game Summer Lesson that was quite different from the one showcased in Japan. It featured a Caucasian girl with blonde hair in a garden instead of its iconic Japanese protagonist Hikari Miyamoto.

After that E3, that blonde girl fell into obscurity, but she might make a comeback. Trophies for a game titled “Summer Alison Snow Nana-Kakan no Niwa” (which translates as Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days on Exophase) just appeared .

The image at the bottom of the post was also included, and yes, it appears to be the return of the blonde waifu.

The title is very similar to that of the original Summer Lesson (which had the subtitle Hikari Miyamoto’s Seven Days Room), and the trophies themselves reveal pretty much the same theme, with the player taskes to give Alison private lessons.

The original Summer Lesson has been rather successful in Japan so much that it prompted the release of several DLC and a physical edition. It recently got a launch in Asia with English subtitles, but it has never been released in the west.

Could Alison’s more western-friendly image prompt the game to make the jump across the Pacific Ocean? Your guess is as good as mine, for the moment.

Update: the game was confirmed by Famitsu, and will be revealed in Thursday’s issue of the magazine.