Bloober Team Releases Interview with Late Actor Rutger Hauer

Bloober Team Releases Interview with Late Actor Rutger Hauer

The newest look at Observer: System Redux also serves as a tribute to the acting great.

Since it was initially released in 2017, Observer has been met with favorable reviews for its atmosphere and its cyber-punk approach to horror. Despite the criticism that his performance falls flat at times, late Dutch actor Rutger Hauer definitely helped establish the mood in Observer and was a very memorable part of it.

To promote the upcoming Observer: System Redux, an expanded and upgraded next-gen version of the base game, Bloober Team released a short interview/documentary focused on Hauer’s experience voicing the lead character in the game.

Known for his roles in films such as Blade Runner and The Hitcher, Hauer discusses his processes for getting into character. He says that his challenge was to “get a little more human depth in it.” When it comes to improvisation, Hauer says that he didn’t feel comfortable improvising on set because he’s “a European actor, [his] training was never like that.”

This was Hauer’s first time acting in a video game, however, before his death in 2019, he also appeared in Kingdom Hearts III as Master Xehanort, the game’s primary antagonist.

At the end of the interview, Hauer shares that his favorite line from the game is “quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer.”

In addition to working on Observer: System Redux coming this November, Bloober Team is also getting ready to release The Medium, an Xbox Series X/S console exclusive. The Medium will be the first exclusive for the Series X/S and will be coming in December.

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